One Pass May Save You Time, But Two Passes Can Save you Money

Get the most out of your corn yields by stopping weeds early and keeping them down with the powerful two-pass combination of Anthem® MAXX herbicide and Solstice® herbicide.

For superior pre-emergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses with a low use rate, start with Anthem MAXX herbicide. Only 2.5 gallons of Anthem MAXX herbicide treats 80 to 100 acres. Multiple modes of action – Group 14 (PPO inhibitor) and Group 15 (long chain fatty acid inhibitor) – make it highly effective in controlling weeds resistant to glyphosate, triazines and ALS inhibiting products. A wide application window – 45 days preplant to V4 stage in corn – good rotation flexibility and the ability to tank mix with burndown, preplant and liquid fertilizers make Anthem MAXX herbicide a smart choice for getting crops off to a strong start.

Follow with Solstice herbicide to provide an additional mode of action – Group 27 (HDDP inhibitor) – and take down post-emergence weeds that may escape. Solstice herbicide can be applied from crop emergence to V8 stage and provides excellent crop safety. When tank mixed with other herbicides, Solstice herbicide also accelerates burndown of emerged weeds and provides longer residual control. Use our resources or contact your FMC Star Retailer to determine if Anthem MAXX herbicide and Solstice herbicide are the right fit for your crop protection strategy.

Freeedom Pass

Get the most of out your acres by rewarding yourself with Freedom Pass, the program that rewards you for using select FMC products through rebates, assurance and special financing. These products qualify for the Anthem brand and Solstice Herbicides Assurance Program.  

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Time for a New Weed Control Strategy

Resistant weeds are a major concern for growers. In this episode, host Jake Turner and extension weed specialist Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee, present an approach that involves overlapping residuals for more effective control.

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