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Coragen® insect control, powered by Rynaxypyr® active, protects vegetable crops, including tomatoes and leafy greens, by providing reliable and consistent control of major Lepidoptera pests, leafminer larvae and more. Coragen insect control breaks the feeding cycle within minutes of exposure, and it’s long-lasting residual keeps pests away. A short re-entry interval of four hours and preharvest interval of one day means you can get back to work quickly.

Coragen insect control is a confident choice for integrated pest management programs because of its novel mode of action that has minimal impact on most beneficial insects.

Why choose Coragen insect control for your vegetable crop?

• Protection that lasts — up to14–21 days with foliar application, or longer with drip
• Flexible application — soil, drip chemigation and foliar
• Fast-acting chemistry — quickly stops insect feeding within minutes
• Minimal impact on most beneficials with no flaring of mites
• Favorable worker protection standard and environmental profile — short REI and PHI
• Maximum efficiency — higher rate range than competitive premixes for maximum control of key insect pests

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