Maximize Yields by Protecting Crops with Topguard® EQ Fungicide

Maximize your yields by protecting crops from fungal diseases and improving stress tolerance with Topguard® EQ fungicide. Topguard EQ fungicide provides long-lasting and broad-spectrum control of diseases such as frogeye leaf spot, cercospora leaf blight, powdery mildew, rusts and brown spot.

Its secret weapon is a unique premix of a FMC patented ingredient, flutriafol combined with azoxystrobin, which provide crops with multiple modes of action and dual protection against fungal diseases. Flutriafol is one of the most systemic triazoles, dissolving rapidly throughout plant tissues and mobilizing in its xylem.

In addition to controlling diseases, Topguard EQ fungicide also offers positive plant health effects such as decreased ethylene production, increased carbon assimilation, and enhanced water and nutrient uptake. It’s also a good tank mix partner with herbicides and insecticides. Use our resources or contact a FMC Star Retailer to determine if Topguard EQ fungicide is the right fit for your crop protection strategy.

Freeedom Pass

Only our FMC Freedom Pass program combines exclusive agronomic and economic incentives to give growers more freedom in the field. 

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