Best-in-class powdery mildew control from Rhyme® fungicide

Combining a preventative and curative approach to powdery mildew will take care of your disease worries quickly. Rhyme® fungicide from FMC is the optimal foundation to your foliar spray program and is labeled for use with drip or micro sprinkler irrigation systems on most crops. The active ingredient in Rhyme fungicide is flutriafol, the most systemic, in FRAC Group 3, and best-in-class fungicide on the market. Here’s why Rhyme fungicide works so well:


Having a go-to fungicide is especially critical when conditions are ideal for powdery mildew growth. To learn how Rhyme fungicide controls powdery mildew for strawberry, tomato, grape and melon growers, visit our resources section below or contact your FMC retailer.

Rhyme fungicide has been issued a 2(ee) recommendation for management of the trunk disease complex in California grapes via drip irrigation. Learn how Rhyme fungicide helps stop disease progression and preserves yield potential here.

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Drip Application Amplifies Rhyme® Fungicide Effectiveness

Dr. Issa Qandah, FMC plant pathologist, shows Jake a drip application method that allows growers to harness the systemic action of Rhyme® fungicide whenever and wherever it is needed, as directed on the label, regardless of vineyard soil conditions.

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