Best-in-class burndown

Aim® EC herbicide is the fast-acting, low-use-rate answer to your broadleaf weed problems. It delivers excellent no-till burndown on a wide range of row and high-value specialty crops when tank mixed with a suitable partner product. With preplant, postemergence and harvest aid options, it provides the flexibility you need to control tough kochia, waterhemp, lambsquarters, Russian thistle and a host of other weeds with ease. For cotton growers in particular, Aim EC herbicide, when used as a harvest aid, provides superior juvenile regrowth removal and weed desiccation in both spindle and stripper cotton, while reducing green stain and quality discounts. It provides results in both warm and cool weather conditions. No matter your crop rotation, you can’t lose with this best-in-class Group 14 contact burndown. Contact your FMC representative for details and availability in your state.

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Freeedom Pass

Aim EC herbicide qualifies for agronomic and economic incentives of the FMC Freedom Pass program. Get program details.

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