What’s your plan for navel orangeworm control?

Navel orangeworm (NOW) is becoming a perennial problem and worsening economic threat for almond growers all across California. NOW can cost almond growers hundreds of dollars per acre in lost revenue.

Altacor® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® active provides contact and long-lasting residual control of NOW, oriental fruit moth (OFM) and peach twig borer (PTB) to protect yield and quality without flaring mites. Apply at early hull split for control of larvae and adults.

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A top choice of California pest control advisors.

“I recommend Altacor insect control for lepidopteran pests in tree nuts because it has a unique mode of action and rotates well with other chemistries. Altacor [insect control] couples unmatched residual control with adult mortality and only presents one active ingredient, one mode of action. This is a feature unmatched by other chemistries in its class, which allows me flexibility to effectively manage resistance and pests.”
-Nick Gilliam, PCA
Helena Agri-Entreprises, Kerman, California

“Altacor insect control has been a great product. I like using Altacor [insect control] at hull split followed by a second shot, 10 days after the first. It’s tried and true at its full rate. Then we rotate to another chemistry for resistance management. In our area, we typically spray three to five times for NOW. You don’t let up until it’s all harvested.”
-Steve Cipolla, PCA
Crop Production Services, Five Points, California

“Really, Altacor insect control is the only thing we can rely on to achieve the results we need for a clean harvest. Other active ingredients do a good job, but they don’t have same adultacide, ovicide and larvacide activity as Altacor [insect control] so we choose to keep that as our crucial hull split timing material.”
-Kevin Brooks, PCA
Advanced Nut Crop Sciences, Lemoore, California


USDA research entomologist Joel Siegel talks about controlling navel orangeworm in almond groves. One key to controlling this tough pest? An early hull split spray of Altacor insect control, powered by Rynaxypyr active.


Join Joel Siegel, research entomologist for the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, as he dives into components of an effective NOW management plan and discusses scouting and spraying considerations for almond growers.