Flexible and effective Weed Control

Trust Anthem® Flex herbicide to deliver tough weed control when you need it most. You’ll appreciate the long-lasting control against both grasses and broadleaf weeds like Italian ryegrass, rattail fescue, downy brome* (See 2ee label for, ID, MT, OR and WA) and even weeds resistant to glyphosate and ALS herbicides. Anthem Flex herbicide utilizes the most effective mode of action for cereal crops, including spring and winter wheat, cotton and some specialty crops.

Apply when it works best for you. With spring or winter wheat, use Anthem Flex herbicide 30 days preplant through the fourth tiller.* The low use rate and easy-to-mix liquid formulation also makes it an excellent choice when blended with other labeled herbicides and fungicides.

Learn more about what makes Anthem Flex herbicide tough, flexible and accurate. Contact your FMC retailer to determine how it fits into your crop protection strategy.

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* Refer to product label for geographic restrictions. Only allowed for preplant and preemrgence applications in WA, OR, ID, and MT. Allowed for only preemergence application in AR, NC and VA through 24(c).

Freeedom Pass

Anthem Flex herbicide is one of 30+ FMC products that qualify for the exclusive agronomic and economic incentives of the FMC Freedom Pass program. See program details for more information. 

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Resistance Management Strategies for Top Wheat Weeds

Resistant weeds are difficult to control and can have damaging effects on wheat yields. In this episode of The Minute, Dr. Prashant Jha, Montana State University weed scientist, talks with Jake about the challenges growers face when dealing with the most common resistant weeds found among wheat and provides tips for combating them.

Labels & SDS

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