Simply hoping your soybean fields stay clean from start to finish isn’t an option. With Authority® Elite herbicide, you can expect unrivaled residual control that lasts 45 to 60 days. Authority Elite herbicide has earned its name by outperforming and outlasting other preemergent herbicides in trials and offers superior flexibility, so you can apply up to three days post planting. Authority Elite herbicide works with two modes of action, providing excellent control of tough weeds like waterhemp and other species of Amaranthus. If you’re facing resistance issues with tough weeds, applying a preemergent herbicide is a must. When the stakes are this high, choose a product that rules your fields.

Don’t only take our word for it. Authority Elite herbicide is trusted by growers Mike and Brad Clemens of Wimbledon, North Dakota. Mike likes getting out early with Authority Elite herbicide to achieve clean fields from the start. “You wear a lot of hats as a farmer. Clean fields give you time to take care of all the other things you have to do,” Mike says.

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Authority Ambassador Spotlight: Mike and Brad Clemens

Mike and Brad Clemens, Authority Ambassadors for FMC, discuss their experience using Authority® brand herbicides.

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