Your Yield Advantage Starts With Healthy Roots.

Go beyond protection and boost your corn yields up to 15 bushels per acre1 with Capture® LFR® insecticide + VGR® soil amendment. This powerful combination defends corn seedlings from pests while invigorating roots for maximum nutrient uptake and uniform emergence. Its patented formula delivers results with at least 600 plants per acre.

Capture LFR insecticide’s convenient LFR formula is easy to tank mix with the wettable powder of VGR soil amendment in liquid fertilizers. It stays in suspension and won’t settle, giving you consistent protection from wireworms, cutworms, seed corn maggots and common stalk borers. The naturally occurring bacteria in VGR soil amendment colonize roots for healthy plants that perform well in wet weather and nutrient-stressed environments.

Learn more about the yield advantages of Capture LFR insecticide + VGR soil amendment using our resources. Contact your FMC retailer to capture the full potential in your fields this season.

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1 Based on grower comparisons from 2014-2017.

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Capture LFR insecticide + VGR soil amendment qualifies for agronomic and economic incentives of the FMC Freedom Pass program. Get program details. 

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