Complete Pest Control Solutions for High-Quality, High-Yielding Citrus

Protect your citrus throughout the growing season with Exirel® insect control and Beleaf® 50 SG insecticide from FMC. Exirel insect control, powered by Cyazypyr® active, is effective against chewing and sucking pests, while Beleaf 50 SG insecticide controls sucking and piercing pests. Consistent performance across all stages of growth, stops insect feeding fast and offers long-lasting residual control.

Exirel insect control is a cross-spectrum product that reduces tree stress by helping manage pest populations, keeping feeding damage to a minimum and reduces transmission of insect-vectored pathogens.

The unique mode of action and selective chemistry of Beleaf 50 SG insecticide provides an anti-feeding action that stops piercing and sucking pests in 30 minutes with minimal impact on beneficial insects.

Together, these products allow growers to quickly stop insect feeding while effectively controlling a wide range of pest pressures, resulting in improved harvests and enhanced grove health.

Find Early, Control Early.

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Freeedom Pass

Exirel insect control and Beleaf 50 SG insecticide qualify for agronomic and economic incentives of the FMC Freedom Pass program.

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