Get Fast Knockdown and Long-Lasting Control With Hero® Insecticide.

Hero® insecticide from FMC takes out pests sooner so your plants can thrive. Healthier plants lead to better yields come harvest.

Hero insecticide protects your row and specialty crops with two active ingredients that deliver a powerful one-two punch against tough pests. It provides a fast knockdown and longer control by combining the best of two pyrethroid chemistries. Taking out pests sooner means your plants have the chance to thrive without damage from insects.

Hero insecticide delivers excellent control of multi-pest complexes common in corn, soybeans and cotton. It is also an effective tank-mix partner with fungicides, post herbicides and foliar fertilizers for greater efficiency and ease of application.

Use our resources or contact your FMC retailer to learn more about how Hero insecticide would fit in with your crop protection plan.

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Freeedom Pass

Hero insecticide qualifies for agronomic and economic incentives of the FMC Freedom Pass program. Get program details. 

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