When the most challenging diseases hit your fields, Lucento® fungicide goes to work throughout the plant for a difference you can see. Gray leaf spot in corn, frogeye leaf spot in soybeans or white mold in peanuts are no match for the highly systemic action of Lucento fungicide. Powered by a novel premix of active ingredients from FMC, Lucento fungicide provides an exclusive combination of benefits for smart disease protection and high-yielding performance against the toughest diseases in corn, soybeans, peanuts, sugar beets and wheat.

Key Advantages

• Proven performance: In field trials, Lucento fungicide outperformed key competitors, providing notable yield advantages.
• First of its kind: Lucento fungicide combines bixafen, a new-generation SDHI molecule and flutriafol, one of the most systemic triazoles on the market.
• Active ingredient movement: This unique fungicide delivers active ingredients through translaminar and acropetal movement, providing uniform leaf distribution, disease protection, and it keeps working long after application for control that lasts.
• Resistance management tool: By incorporating active ingredients from FRAC Groups 3 and 7 and providing dual sites of action, this innovative premix targets tough disease and reduces overdependence on at-risk fungicides like strobilurins.

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See Disease Control in a Totally New Light: FMC Introduces Lucento® Fungicide

Learn more about new Lucento® fungicide from FMC, with regional technical service managers, Bruce Stripling and Gail Stratman. Find out what makes Lucento fungicide unique and how it performs against key competitors in the industry for smart disease protection and high yielding performance against the toughest diseases.

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