The revolutionary PrecisionPac® application innovation dispenses up to 50 custom blends of six granular herbicides to prescriptively target your fields’ weed challenges. The PrecisionPac machine premeasures and mixes your custom blends so you don’t have to, and it fits your field or sprayer-tank size. You buy only what you need in a convenient, disposable bag so there’s nothing left over when the job is done.

Advantages of PrecisionPac application innovation:

    Simply packaged

  • PrecisionPac application innovation precisely dispenses low-volume granular herbicides for the size of your fields into bags labeled with each field name or number. Each product label is conveniently placed in an attached zipper pouch on the grower bag. Bag sizes are easy to carry so, when fields are large, PrecisionPac application innovation dispenses multiple, clearly identified bags. PrecisionPac application innovation can also match the desired quantity for your sprayer tank size.

  • Application without apprehension

  • Growers receive a finished herbicide custom blend at the exact prescribed rates and ratios for their specific field and weed control needs, ensuring accurate application. You’ll have confidence that the right products are getting to the right place, no matter who is driving the sprayer.

  • Uncomplicated sprayer clean-out

  • Many of the custom blends include products that are formulated with patented TotalSol® soluble granules. These herbicides form a true solution, completely dissolving into water. Best of all, products formulated with TotalSol soluble granules don’t require a dedicated sprayer or a complicated clean-out.

  • Reduced packaging waste

  • Entire fields can be treated with a single bag of pre-dispensed product you can carry in one hand, reducing packaging waste. Empty bags can then be easily and simply disposed of by throwing in the trash.

  • Manage resistance

  • The PrecisionPac application innovation service allows you to choose herbicide custom blends with multiple modes of action and residual control so you can do your part to manage weed resistance.

  • Contained herbicide products

  • All measuring occurs within the PrecisionPac machine, capturing any dust created during the process. This reduces user exposure and the risk of spills or mishaps.

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Freeedom Pass

Custom blends qualify for economic incentives and financing of the FMC Freedom Pass program. See program details for more information.  

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Custom Blends in Action

PrecisionPac application innovation makes it possible to create custom solutions to your weed pressure at the push of a button, taking into account specific weed spectrums and acreages. In a matter of minutes, a custom blend can be safely dispensed, packaged and ready for the grower to take back to their farm.

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