Control Will Last. Worms Won't.

Increase your cotton yields, even Bt varieties, with Prevathon® insect control from FMC.

Powered by Rynaxypyr® active, Prevathon insect control provides growers with highly effective control of key yield-robbing pests including cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm and armyworm, optimizing the potential to produce high-yielding crops.

This long-lasting protection against insect feeding pests starts providing control right away and keeps on working from 14 up to 21 days, delivering excellent crop protection against key pests. Prevathon insect control has low impact on many important beneficial insects and will not flare mites or secondary pests.

For growers who plant Bt cotton, Prevathon insect control helps increase yields by controlling Lepidoptera pests and reducing fruit damage.

Take The Pressure Off Your Cotton.

Labeled for use on multiple crops, including cotton, Prevathon insect control targets key worms, including cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm and armyworm. Application flexibility means you have a wider window of application, supporting your overall production demands.

When you protect the genetic potential with Prevathon insect control, cotton varieties can yield up to 150 to 200 pounds greater lint per acre.

Get Long-Lasting Residual Control.

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The Minute: Uncovering Bt Trait Escapes and Cotton Bollworm

Cotton bollworm feed on the reproductive anatomy of cotton, causing hefty damage to the plant and the grower’s bottom line. Jake gets the scoop on this pesky population from Dr. Angus Catchot, row crop entomologist at Mississippi State University.

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