The basis for powerful, custom broadleaf control

Sentrallas® herbicide is a unique, liquid, in-crop cereal product for wheat, barley and oats with two powerful modes of action to target your toughest weeds. ALS-resistant kochia, Russian thistle and wild buckwheat are no match for the broad-spectrum control of Sentrallas herbicide, which can serve as the base tank mix for customized weed resistance management on your rotational acres. It offers true versatility, mixing well with many common broadleaf and grass herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers. Sentrallas herbicide is effective both early and late in the growing season to provide excellent crop safety.

Quick Facts

• Powerful activity on key weeds such as kochia, wild buckwheat, redroot pigweed, mustard species,
  catchweed bedstraw and Russian thistle
• Excellent tank-mix partner with other crop protection products and fertilizers
• Versatility to apply early or late in the season
• Two effective modes of action in one convenient liquid product
• Excellent crop safety over a wide application window
• Flexible crop rotations

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