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Topguard® EQ fungicide is the powerful combination of two modes of action into one highly effective fungicide. It’s the only premix combining the benefits of highly systemic flutriafol and the top-of-class strobilurin fungicide azoxystrobin. This double-hit approach is formulated to take on aggressive outbreaks of Southern corn rust.


The untreated check plot (right) literally pales in comparison to the field treated with Topguard EQ fungicide (left) from FMC.

-FMC Research Farm
Sparks, GA

Flutriafol is a truly unique fungicide component you won’t find anywhere else besides the growing FMC fungicide portfolio. No other triazole has proven to be more mobile in plant tissues than flutriafol, resulting in superior disease protection and control. Here’s how flutriafol works to combat yield-robbing diseases like Southern rust.


Topguard EQ fungicide also offers plant health effects such as decreased ethylene production, increased carbon assimilation and enhanced water and nutrient uptake. It’s also a good tank-mix partner with insecticides.

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